USTA Junior Tournaments

Junior Tournament:

USTA Level 3 Tournament: Jan 14th – 16th: 15001317
Harry Gilbert’s Battle of the Bay that is open to Boys 16’s and 18’s Juniors.  Advanced level juniors welcome to this hard court tournament.
Tampa Winter Classic Level 8 : January 21st: 150088417
Beginner level tournament for orange ball level tournament players.   Look to gain your points for development through this Level 9 tournament.
HCC Green Ballers : April 15th: 150062017
A Beginner level tournament providing green ball players an opportunity to gain skills and points to move to the next level of yellow ball.
HCC Junior Spring Classic Level 7: 150063417
Intermediate level tournament meant to create an opportunity for juniors to play into development.  This is a Level 8 tournament for Ages 8 – 14 years old.
HCC Eye of the Tiger Level 8: Yellow, Green and Orange: 150062217
Beginner – Intermediate tournament for both girls and boys of all ages.  Provides excellent opportunitities for junior players to compete.
HCC Summer Battle Level 7:  150085617
Intermdiate level tournament for players with match play experience looking to grow their development through matches.
HCC Halloween Bash Level 8:  Red and Orange Level 2: 150062117
HCC Junior Winter Battle Level 7: Yellow / Orange Level 1: 150087217
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